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      Sihong High School Jiangsu Province

           Sihong High School Jiangsu Province, founded in 1949, is one of the most well-known schools in Jiang Su province. It was honored by the State Council in 1960. In 1980,our school was qualified as one of the first 95 well-managed key middle schools by the government of Jiang Su province. Besides ,in 1993 our school was successful in being evaluated becoming a key high school, and , in 2005 was ranked as a four-star high school in Jiang Su, a national demonstration school.

      The school, with the teachers and students together about 5000, covers an area of 300 mu. Our school has been well-equipped with basic hardware, including Scientific and Technological Gallery, gymnasium, library, experimental building, biological gardens, With mini bridges and flowing water, artificial rock formations and fountain, unconventional pavilion and long corridor , birds singing and flowers giving forth fragrance, our school was reputed to be school yard with the book fragrance and a garden full of humanity and education. Also, the school has developed her own traditional superiority in environment protection and education of science and technology and her own school-running distinction.

      Since its establishment, based on the concept" initiative and self-conscious, shared symbiosis", our school achieved great success in education. National Examination has been improving steadily year after year. For many years high-quality talents have been admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and other famous universities successively. Our middle school children have achieved remarkable success in many of the provincial, national competitions.

      After being named the eco-school curriculum base in Jiangsu Province, the school was named "outstanding ecological education curriculum base". The school, successively, has won a series of honor titles, such as National Advanced Unit for Building Green School, Civilized Unit in JiangSu province, Advanced school for Moral Education, for Safety and Culture, for the work of Teaching and Subjects Study, for the work of pilot-enrolment and for Carrying out all-around education and so on. In additionwe are keen to establish a sister school relationship with the Australian state of Victoria Mount Elisa middle school to develop the areas and programs and to promote the interaction between teachers and students for the betterthe teachers of our school were cited as Excellent Teachers Group by the Education Department of JiangSu province.



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